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Lina Yoo Min Lee is a DMA candidate in Piano Performance & Pedagogy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. As a graduate student instructor, she has taught undergraduate group piano classes such as class piano 101-104 (for non-piano majors) and keyboard skills (for piano majors), and applied piano. In her music major group piano courses, she has taught pianist techniques embracing sight-reading, transposition, theory, harmonization and overall musicality. In her piano major undergraduate courses, she has taught figured bass, sight-reading, score-reading for choral, chamber and orchestral works, professional techniques for trills, octaves, scales and arpeggios. She also has served as an assistant instructor for class piano pedagogy course. She has led the demonstration class, provided lesson plans for group class piano courses and assigned teaching segments based on those plans for the graduate students enrolled in the pedagogy course.


She currently runs a private studio in Madison, WI. Lina has over 10 years experience in independent teaching in Baltimore, Madison and Seoul (South Korea). Many students have been named winners in Madison society for competitions such as Fall Youth Concerto Competition. Every year her students were recognized for their achievements in Royal Conservatory of Music with Gold Medals and Certificates of Excellence under her tutelage. Many of her students have won awards and scholarships in competitions and summer programs. 


Lina Yoo Min Lee is the President of the UW-Madison MTNA Collegiate Chapter and an active member of music Teachers National Association (MTNA) and has presented her pedagogical and performance research at local, national and international conferences. She started this 2021-2022 season by presenting a lecture-recital on works by Korean female composers in European Piano Teachers Association (EPTA) in Madrid, Spain. Additionally, she is a Co-Chair of Madison Area Music Educators (MAME) for programs and masterclasses. 


For inquiries about piano lessons, pedagogy classes, workshop, projects and presentations, visit the Contact page.

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