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Teaching & demonstrating two- note slurs in Class Piano 101 (Online) at University of Wisconsin-Madison, WI, 2021

Course Taught

At University of Wisconsin-Madison, WI


As a Primary Instructor:

MUSPERF 101: Beginning Class Piano(Fall 2018 & 2019, Spring 2021 & 2022)----undergraduate level (non-piano majors)

MUSPERF 102: Beginning Class Piano(Fall 2018, Fall 2020, Spring 2022)--------undergraduate level (non-piano majors)

MUSPERF 103: Intermediate Class Piano(Spring 2020, Fall 2021)-------------- undergraduate level (non-piano majors)

MUSPERF 104: Intermediate Class Piano(Spring 2019, Spring 2020, Fall 2021)---undergraduate level (non-piano majors)​

  • Teach group piano classes to music major undergraduates covering early-advanced piano skills in  basic piano  technique, sight-reading, transposition, transposing instruments, music theory, harmonization, collaborative and solo works

  • Develop curricula and syllabi for both synchronous and asynchronous classes covering all different level

MUSPERF 200: Elementary/Intermediate Piano(since Fall 2018)- undergraduate & graduate level (non-piano majors)

  • Offer private piano instruction for intermediate/ advanced music


MUSPERF 251: Keyboard Skills (Fall 2020)--------------------------------------undergraduate level (piano majors)

  • Teach piano major undergraduates keyboard skills covering figured bass, transposition, sight-reading, score-reading, and pianistic techniques

  • Offer individual instruction and share piano literature sources and references, evaluation of repertoire and analysis of methods and structure




As an Assistant Instructor:


MUSIC 551: Class Piano Pedagogy (Fall 2019)------------------------------------graduate level(piano majors)

  • Meet with pedagogy graduate students weekly to discuss plans for class piano and provide basic lesson plans for all 101 classes for the students enrolled in 551 who are observing. Assign teaching segments based on those plans

  • Lead the demonstration class; assist with the course and help to develop the curriculum for the class piano 101 course as well as help with feedback for the other students in 551

cours taught

Teaching Video Clips

of online & in-person class piano 101

  • Online Teaching (Class Piano 101) :


​Music Theory (Chord Inversions)

Music Theory (Chord Quality)

Music Theory (Common Tone Principle)

Music Theory (Diatonic Chords: primary and secondary chords)

Sight-Reading I

Sight-Reading II

Solo Repertoire Analysis & Practice

Technique (GR 2 scales: B, Db and Gb majors)
Technique (Two-note slurs)


  • In-person Teaching :


of online & in-person group class

Anonymous Testimonials from Course Evaluations of University of Wisconsin-Madison:

Class Piano 101-104, Keyboard Skills 251

  • Lina is an excellent teacher and she has really helped me feel more confident in my piano skills. She explains music theory very well and I appreciate how she makes sure that everyone in the class understands what is going on. Even with the online format, she teaches and communicates very clearly and her comments are always very helpful on homework assignments. Lina always provides us music resources to use when we are learning difficult comments and does her best to make sure we are comfortable with the material. Even though I had no prior piano experience, she has really helped me be more confident with sight-reading and piano playing in general. I hope she will teach piano 102!

  • Lina Lee did an excellent job teaching Piano 101. She was a patient and helpful teacher, and being someone who began the semester with virtually no background experience playing piano, she was a great guide in helping me learn the fundamentals of the instrument. I think she did a great job investing students in the class when it could have potentially been a tough course to conduct over zoom, so I am very appreciative of that as well. I honestly could not have asked for a better teacher.

  • Lina was a phenomenal teacher and I made a lot of progress in her class! I especially enjoyed when we pivoted from group class to weekly in-person private lessons.

  • I personally learned a lot more and was more focused with the individual in person lesson format than the online group meeting.

  • Great transition to online course, very fun learning environment, effective feedback for challenging material

  • Lina was very organized throughout the semester and did a good job sticking to plans and assignments.

  • Everything about this class is perfect. The atmosphere provides creativity, and learning is easy.

  • I thought she led the class well. I don't have any complaints to give here. She was nice, knowledgeable, and understanding.

  • Lina is a lovely teacher. She is incredibly knowledgeable in all that she teaches and creates a comfortable environment while still expecting hard work from everyone. It was a great semester!

  • I was very comfortable around Lina and she as a joy to work with. I wish she was teaching 104!

  • Lina was excellent in all regards for this course. Her knowledge, teaching capabilities, and overall positive attitude made the 7:45am start time much more bearable. She also handled students that were rude or disgruntled with much grace and positivity.

Teaching Videos
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