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Private Lessons


Lina’s Piano Studio

Lina has maintained her private studio since 2012. She has developed a diverse studio of students aged 5 to 65, ranging in level from beginner to advanced, amateurs to professionals!



All students enrolled in Lina Yoo Min Lee Piano Studio are given a well-rounded program of instruction with study in repertoire, theory, history, musicianship, ear-training, technique, sight-singing and sight-reading. The students will have the opportunity to study music in the classical method, ranging from all eras of musical styles including baroque, classical, romantic, contemporary and even pop-music! Piano duos such as two pianos and four hands will be integrated as the student’s progresses. Through this holistic plan, you can deepen an appreciation for one of the richest art forms.


Objective Goals

  • Music is life sharing: Music is not only music but is instead connected to our daily lives and experiences. Therefore, what we play is eventually life.

  • Try to have fun learning the piano. All we have to do is enjoy the music and give our life to the audience!

  • Another part of the Goal is to build critical thinking skills. Students’ ideas and suggestions remain open.


I understand that no one is alike. I carefully design individualized piano lesson plans for each student, catering towards your goal and interests (I offer preparations for music school audition, school band, competitions, and national and international assessments as The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM), AP Music Theory). Also, performance opportunities for you to share your hard work with our community through recitals with fellow students are provided more often if necessary.


Instructional Mode

  • Face to Face attendance (in-person)

    • Current Location: Madison, Wisconsin

    • Beginner-Advanced Level

    • Private & Partner Lessons

  • Remote attendance (Zoom or Face Time)

    • You can be anywhere and take lessons with me!

    • Beginner -Advanced Level

    • Private Lessons




Special note about in-person lessons during COVID-19

For everyone’s safety, I’d like to kindly ask everyone to understand that I need to allow only essential people at my place when teaching. We will still keep physical distancing as much as possible. I will be wearing a mask during lessons. Students and parents will be expected to wear face coverings as well. I will provide cleaning supplies in my place including hand sanitizer and students will be encouraged to use before and after sitting at the same time. Thank you for your understanding in advance.


Send me a message for pricing, scheduling details, free trial lessons, or other inquires!

Piano Studio

Teaching Video Clips

of private lessons & applied music course

  • Beginner student :

  • Intermediate level I student:

  • Intermediate level II student:

  • Advanced student: 

Teaching Videos


Young Students/Parents


  • My 5 years son started learning piano from Lina. Her positive and cheerful energy to piano lessons brings an excellent learning environment for my son. Her fun activities during lessons keep my son interested while staying true to a discipline for music practice.                                                                                                                       

-Parent of Mike (age 5)

  • I like how Lina is so caring and truly sincere to my children (10 year old son and 15 year old daughter). I’m very happy to see my children develop a life-long appreciation and interest for piano and classical music thanks to Lina. They love her!


-Parent of Madeline and Ben

  • Ms. Lina is an exceptional pianist and teacher who is patient, positive and encouraging. She helped me prepare a couple of competitions and I learned a lot from her through the preparations with her. During her lessons, she always shared with me the reasons why we want to phrase in certain ways and that was very significant for me to develop my music making. I respect her very much!

-Jina Kim (age 15)


Adult Students


  • I’ve been playing the piano for 15 years, but never met a teacher like Lina who loves to experiment with specific techniques that I struggled from. She shows great commitment to my success and always motivates me with the combination of technic and musical approach.                                                                                                                  

-George, adult student

  • I’m a 57 years old lady and learned piano with Lina. I always had a dream of playing the piano but I was afraid to start until I met her. I’m very lucky to have her as my piano instructor. She offered me an opportunity to build a mindful and enriching musical learning experience into my daily life!

-Linda, adult student


Anonymous Testimonials from Course Evaluations of University of Wisconsin-Madison: Applied Music, Course 200

  • She is amazing and warm! I love her!!!!

  • She sometimes makes harsh comments but they're very beneficial to my growth, and that's what I need to hear the most. She understands what her students try to express really fast and helps them to make even better.

  • It is the fifth time I took MUS PERF 200, and I really really love it. Lina is a great instructor, she taught me a lot not only the performance but also some music theory. Now I feel that I have a deeper understanding of both the pieces I played and generally music things.

  • The instructor is highly encouraging and accommodating to the student's needs. She also gives very helpful feedbacks on both techniques and interpretation.

  • I really really enjoyed studying with Lina. I thought that she made the experience very fun for me, especially since I am taking this class as to continue a hobby rather than work toward a major. She is definitely very qualified and very insightful in her teaching. I really liked some of the comments she made as they helped me to visualize the piece in a different way. One comment I particularly remember was "play the chord like you are pushing into slime." While this comment was very simple, the image of pushing into slime when playing a chord helped me a lot. She is very enthusiastic when teaching piano which I like and it makes me excited to practice each week. I like that she also uses her voice to emphasize voicing or bringing out certain notes. Like at one point she would always tell me to "sing the notes," like make sure the voice/melody was clear. I really liked this comment as well. 


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